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Religious Liberty in the American Republic

We are often told that religion is divisive and ought to be kept away from politics, and that religious liberty means a strict separation of church and state. But that view is out of tune with America’s Founders, who advanced religious liberty in a way that would uphold religion and morality and indispensable supports of good habits and the great pillars of human happiness. Far from wanting to expunge religion from public life, the Founders encouraged religion as a necessary and vital part of their new nation.

In this monograph, Gerard Bradley explains the Founders’ view of the relationship between religion and politics, and demonstrates how the Supreme Court radically deviated from this view in embarking on a project aimed at the secularization of American politics and society.

An understanding of the history of religious liberty is necessary if we are going to secure the blessings of liberty—including especially our religious freedom—for future generations.

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Religious Liberty in the American Republic

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  • Author: Gerard V. Bradley
  • Preface By: Matthew Spalding
  • Paperback Book
  • Pages: 127
  • First Principles Series